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The conductor Andreï Chevtchouk was born in St Petersburg in 1970. Having received a solid grounding as conductor and choir master, Andreï Chevtchouk worked in Russia, Germany, Belgium and France where he now lives.

Whilst symphonic conducting remains his main vocation, all types of musical ensembles give him the opportunity to share his accomplishments as a conductor. Appreciation of works and of orchestral musicians, teaching, energy and investment of the public remain the key words associated with this charismatic and multifaceted conductor.

Andreï Chevtchouk is a real performer, a conductor whom one has to have heard and seen to measure the impact he has on the concert hall.
He currently conducts the Ensemble Orchestral, both Conservatory orchestras, the Picardy University Orchestra in Amiens and is choirmaster of Amiens' Crescendo Choir.

In the opera scene, the conductor Andreï Chevtchouk is musical director of the Festival "Opera et Châteaux" in the area of France known as the Drôme. He regularly conducts at the Cala theatre in Lyon and in the Lamalou festival. He regularly works with artists of national and international renown.

« Per aspera ad astra... »


Conference-concert "The masters of art and music" for the MRSC of Paris on December 2, 2021

As part of his cycle "The Musical Encyclopedia" the Maestro Andrei Chevchouk will present to the guests of the MRSC the Association of Workshops of Masters of Art and their Students, which brings together professional artists who have received the high title of Masters of Arts by decision of the Ministry of Culture for important achievements relating to mastery in rare artistic specialties.